Grass Couch

Grass Couch/ Couch Intervention took place from February 6 – 16, 2013.  


For the Couch Intervention in Temple Contemporary, we wanted to create a piece that had a life of its own, constantly changing over time. By lining the couch cushions with soil and seed, our creation was initially invisible, but slowly germinating and growing. In about a week’s time, the grass began to sprout through the burlap-covered cushions in bright green tufts and is continuing to grow at an alarming speed. The gallery monitor sits on the couch beside the grass, tending to it with a grow light and a watering can. This piece represents the silent, subtle growth that occurs beyond human detection and offers what winter deprives us of: the earthy smell of soil and refreshing sight of green life that revitalizes us all.

Collaboration between Andrew Certo, Eamon DeFabbia-Kane, Morgan Gilbreath, and Kathryn Murphy.